Tips and Tricks for Buying a Mobile Home



With so many factors requiring consideration when buying a home, the whole process can seem stressful. From financing & insurance, to the location or condition of the home, there are a whole host of items you need to keep track of.  You may not know what you need to do, or where to look for help.


If you are lost in the buying process and need a little guidance, MHVillage’s Home Buyer’s Survival Kit can help you with just that. Inside our guide you’ll find tips to avoid costly mistakes, choose insurance, select the right home, and so much more. Sample forms for sellers and purchase agreements for buyers are also included. Just click here to download your guide today.



One thought on “Tips and Tricks for Buying a Mobile Home

  1. John Mahoney

    Thank you for talking about the importance of getting the right insurance when buying a mobile home. I would want to make sure I take the time to do my homework and consult with several companies in order to find the one that offers the best coverage for me. It is important to remember that planning ahead and setting proper budgets can help you void problems and make sure you can afford what you want.


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