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Five Quick Tips To Attract the Right Buyer

attract-more-buyersSummertime is a great time to sell your home! Here are five quick and easy tips to freshen up your mobile home and increase its desirability.

1. Be Your Own “Drive-By”. When buyers are shopping for homes, frequently they will drive-by the home before they call to set up an appointment. What does your home look like from the street?

Try to view your home as a buyer would. Does it make you want to go inside and see the rest? Start by tidying up the landscaping, wash windows and exterior light fixtures. Use a critical eye to look at the other features of your home – does the deck need staining or power washing? Do the railings, shutters or window trim need paint? Are the gutters and skirting hanging straight? Don’t forget to look at your curtains and blinds – how they look from the outside makes an impression. Sometimes just a few simple things can really help the look of the home.

2. Clean out closets and pantries. Now is a great time to think about charitable donations. Clean out those closets and cupboards so buyers can see how much room the house has. Shoot for getting storage areas down to half full. If necessary, you might need to store some things elsewhere or take this opportunity to pare down your belongings to just what you really need. Think about what you really want to take with you when you move, that will help you decide what to keep, and what to pitch.

3. Paint shelves and cabinet doors. While you are cleaning out those spaces, now is the time to take a second look at places we frequently ignore – the tops of shelves and backs of doors. These areas frequently get scuffed and stained. A fresh coat of paint or some new shelf liner can do wonders in making them more appealing.

4. Replace window treatments. Window treatments are notorious for getting dusty. Curtains may just need washing. Some horizontal mini blinds can be cleaned, but sometimes it is easier to simply replace them. While you have your treatments down, look at your windowsills. This is another dirt-catcher that might need cleaning or a touch of paint. Don’t forget to also look at your screens and the window hardware.

5. Have everything ready to go? Consider an Open House! Open Houses are a great way to get more people to view your home. List your home on www.mhvillage.com and advertise your big event to the thousands of shoppers that are on our site every day. Make sure to print fliers from your listing so you have something to put in their hands. Statistics show that buyers who leave with something in hand are more likely to call than those who don’t.

If you need help listing your home on MHVIllage or advertising your Open House, let our customer service staff know. We are here to help and walk you through it!


Buying or Renting a Mobile Home? Here’s How to Contact the Sellers.

Here at MHVillage, we hear this a lot:

I found a home that I am interested in on MHVillage.com. How can I get more information about the home?

MHVillage.com does not own or directly sell the homes on our site. To get more information, you will want to contact the seller of the home directly. They have provided a phone number and/or an email option on their home listing page that you can use to reach out to them.

Looking to find a home to buy? Searching MHVillage is a great place to start. Each home on MHVillage has it’s listing page. This page has all the information provided by the seller – plus photos of the home. If you have questions, this is where you will want to look for contact information to connect with the seller.Home for Sale

There are two easy ways to contact a seller. Below you will find tips on how to find and use these features:

Email: Email Seller button


To the right of the photos of the home on the listing, you will see a button that has an envelope icon and says “Email Seller.” Click this and a box will pop up. You will then want to include your contact information and you can add a short note. Information provided here will be sent directly to the seller.

Have a list of questions handy, and don’t forget to include your contact information so the sellers can contact you back right away. Keep in mind that email responses can take a little longer, so if you see a home you want more information on right away – give them a call.

Phone: View Phone # button


To find the seller’s phone number, you will want to scroll down the page until you see a heading in red that reads “Contact Information.” Click on the button that says “View Phone #” to reveal the number. You can then contact the seller directly via phone to ask more questions.

Again, have your questions ready. What is important to you – do you need to know if the community allows pets? If it is an age qualified community? How about the school system? Be prepared when you make that call.

A few other options: If a seller has provided a link to their website there will be a button above the “View Phone #” button that is marked as “Seller Website.” This may also provide you with additional forms of contact.

Good luck and happy house hunting!

Effective Descriptions To Help You Sell Your Home

MHVillage is the number one place on the internet to list your manufactured or mobile home for sale or rent. Thousands of people have listed, and sold, their homes using our site. We want to help you make your listing as effective as possible, so this month we bring you this helpful article on Writing Effective Home Descriptions.

So youʼre trying to sell your manufactured home. You know the basic facts – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc… but how do you know what other information is important to buyers? Does it really matter what you write in the Home Description of your listing? Yes, it does! The Home Description of your MHVillage listing is where you get the chance to really sell your home.

Consider the following two Descriptions:

Nice home, good condition. Large master bedroom. Many upgrades. Garage: 24ʼx30ʼ. Quiet senior community. Low lot rent.


Walk right into this beautiful Palm Harbor home with an open floor plan! The home is in excellent condition, with fresh interior paint and new vinyl siding last year. The spacious master bedroom has a walk-in closet and private bath. The kitchen boasts upgraded countertops, Continue reading

Staging Your Mobile Home To Sell Quickly

BY: DAWN HIGHHOUSEDutch Housing Barclay

Thinking about selling your manufactured or mobile home? Here at MHVillage we frequently recommend that you work with a professional to help you through the sales process, but whether you are working with someone or doing it on your own, here are some simple tips for preparing your home to sell:

1.) Gather the Paperwork

It might not sound like an important staging tip, but this is probably one of the most important things you can do. Start with your own files and pull together the information you have on your home – title, insurance, etc. Then talk to your community manager. Some communities have specific rules about home sales, better to know them right at the start. (For example, can you or your agent post a sign that the home is for sale? Can it be a yard sign? Window only?) It’s also a good idea to get a current copy of your community rules. Prospective buyers will need to know the qualifications and rules, right up front. If your community does not allow pets don’t make the mistake of selling it to someone who has three dogs, two cats and pet snake!

2.) Clean the Clutter

All of us have busy lives, and let’s face it, clutter seems to multiply every time we turn our backs. If you are thinking of selling your home though, this is the time to tackle it. I’m not talking about packing to move (although you may end up filling several boxes), I’m talking about walking into each room and looking for ways you can tidy and organize the space. Don’t wait on this! One of the first steps in selling your home online is to take photos, and you want your home looking as ready for the new owners as possible.

Here’s a tip: start small. A kitchen counter where the mail piles up or the off-season coat closet is a great place to begin. Have a trash bag and a box for donated items nearby. Take breaks and don’t feel you have to tackle everything in a day. You’ll get there!

3.) Wax on!

Now that the clutter is up, it’s time to clean. It’s time to make your home shine like your favorite movie star is coming to stay for the weekend! This is also a good time to see if there are any small repairs you can make (like repainting register vent covers or replacing light switch plates) that will improve the look of your home. Don’t forget the hard to reach nooks and crannies – look at ceiling fan blades, light fixture covers, baseboards and door jams.

One more spot to hit – don’t forget the appliances! Make sure to clean them thoroughly, especially the top of the stove.

4.) Don’t forget the exterior Continue reading

Find Your Retirement Home on MHVillage

Cute retirement home on the water in Clearwater, Florida.

Cute retirement home on the water in Clearwater, Florida.

Manufactured home communities are a great option for those considering retirement. Many retirees are looking to downsize – after the kids have moved out, the family home may feel too expansive. Manufactured homes come in a variety of sizes, from cozy park models that make great vacation properties to multi-section homes with open floor plans and plenty of space.

Many states, especially classic retirement destinations like Arizona and Florida, have communities specifically for the 55+ set. These communities often have special amenities, social activities and services designed for their residents enjoying their golden years.

Lounge by the pool at this gorgeous retirement community in Apache Junction, Florida.

Lounge by the pool at this gorgeous retirement community in Apache Junction, Florida.

On MHVillage you can easily search for communities using our Advanced Search tool. This tool lets you drill down to exactly what you are looking for.

Some of the optional search terms are:

  • Only Age-Restricted/Retirement Communities
  • Only Resident Owned Communities
  • Communities with a Pool
  • That have a clubhouse
  • That allow pets
Click "Watch This" to be updated about new home listings as they are added.

Click “Watch This” to be updated about new home listings as they are added.

Once you find communities you like, you can also see the homes they have available. Or, if you are just doing some research and plan to buy later, you can click the Watch Community button on any community and be emailed whenever a new home listings is added to that community.

* Please note that MHVillage tries to have the most updated information – but you should contact the community directly for more information about the properties they have available and rules and regulations.

Evening shuffleboard, anyone?

Evening shuffleboard, anyone?


Mobile Home Buyer’s Guide and Home Shopping Tools


Planning to find the perfect manufactured or mobile home for you and your family? MHVillage can help! There are over 27,000 homes listed for sale or rent on MHVillage.com, plus we have a number of tools and guides to make the home hunting process a little easier.

Free Mobile Home Buyer’s Guide

Start by downloading our Mobile Home Buyer’s Guide. It includes great information for those starting the home search. It has articles including “The Buyer’s Guide to Low Cost Financing” and “The Manufactured Home Buyer’s Inspection Checklist and Buyer’s Checklist Tips.” It also has sample forms, like a seller’s disclosure statement and a sample purchase agreement. You can download the guide on our website by clicking here: Buyer’s Guide and QuickFacts.

Search Tools For Finding the Perfect Home

We also have a number of ways you can search for homes for sale or rent. You can look by city and state or zip code, and then narrow your results by All Ages or Senior Communities, Communities that Allow Pets and more. (Click here to see our Advanced Search page.) Here’s the best part – you can set up Home Alerts to notify you whenever a new home that matches your criteria is added to the site! With these alerts you’ll know right away when a new listing that matches what you are looking for is added to MHVillage. (You can cancel the alerts at anytime.)

“Like” a Home or “Watch” a Community

Click this button to save any home listing to your account.

Click this button to save any home listing to your account.

See a home that catches your eye? Click the “Like this Listing” button to save the home to your account. You’ll be emailed if the seller lowers the price, has an open house or updates the listing.

Have a few favorite mobile home communities where you know you’d like to live? Just click “Watch Community” on any mobile park page on MHVillage – we’ll let you know whenever they add homes for sale or rent to our website! It’s an easy way to keep an eye on areas where you want to live.

Click this button on any mobile home community to be notified when they add home listings to MHVillage.

Click this button on any mobile home community to be notified when they add home listings to MHVillage.com.

Here at MHVillage we want to help you find the home of your dreams. Need more help? Check out some of these other articles and short informational videos on our newsletter:

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