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Looking to Sell Your Mobile Home? We Can Help!

Are you looking to sell your home?


When it comes to selling your home there are so many checklists and details to go through.

Since we are the number one website for home sellers, professionals, buyers and renters in the manufactured and mobile home industry, (We currently have 27,950 homes available for sale or rent, and more than 50,000 visitors shop at our site every day!) we have a ton of resources that can help you along the way.

Free “For Sale By Owner” Kit

mobile-home-for-saleThis kit includes a “for sale” sign with a spot for your MHV listing number and a packet of useful information for selling your home. The packet will include a detailed breakdown of how our website works and how you can get the best out of your MHVillage listing. It also includes some checklists and useful tips when it comes to selling the home!


When you list your home on MHVillage you are sent one via the listing process. If you aren’t ready to list but would like to request a kit ahead of time, you can click here to request one.

Mobile Home Book Value

Not sure what to price your home? We have a product on our site that allows you to enter the basic information about a home and then we have certified appraisers review that information to put together the NADA Book Value. 

Now this valuation option is not the same as a full appraisal, since it can only apply a value to the details entered compared to the current NADA Book. However, it’s a good place to start! It’s simple, easy and you can get the base value for the home in the early stages of the selling process.

We offer the Book Value free with a listing, but we also have this product available for purchase if you are not at the point to list the home yet. Here is a link with more details on this product. 

(We also have a great article from earlier this month, which asks if your home is priced to sell.)

Mobile Home Parts

If you are just getting started, then maybe you have a few repairs you would like to make before listing the home. We have an entire page on our site that can connect you with some companies in your area that can help! Click her for more details about those companies.

Customer Service 

We have a friendly staff that is always happy to help! If you are interested in listing your home for sale or rent on MHVillage and have questions at any point, you can always give us a call or an email and we will be there for you!

email: customerservice@mhvillage.com

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Staging Your Mobile Home To Sell Quickly

BY: DAWN HIGHHOUSEDutch Housing Barclay

Thinking about selling your manufactured or mobile home? Here at MHVillage we frequently recommend that you work with a professional to help you through the sales process, but whether you are working with someone or doing it on your own, here are some simple tips for preparing your home to sell:

1.) Gather the Paperwork

It might not sound like an important staging tip, but this is probably one of the most important things you can do. Start with your own files and pull together the information you have on your home – title, insurance, etc. Then talk to your community manager. Some communities have specific rules about home sales, better to know them right at the start. (For example, can you or your agent post a sign that the home is for sale? Can it be a yard sign? Window only?) It’s also a good idea to get a current copy of your community rules. Prospective buyers will need to know the qualifications and rules, right up front. If your community does not allow pets don’t make the mistake of selling it to someone who has three dogs, two cats and pet snake!

2.) Clean the Clutter

All of us have busy lives, and let’s face it, clutter seems to multiply every time we turn our backs. If you are thinking of selling your home though, this is the time to tackle it. I’m not talking about packing to move (although you may end up filling several boxes), I’m talking about walking into each room and looking for ways you can tidy and organize the space. Don’t wait on this! One of the first steps in selling your home online is to take photos, and you want your home looking as ready for the new owners as possible.

Here’s a tip: start small. A kitchen counter where the mail piles up or the off-season coat closet is a great place to begin. Have a trash bag and a box for donated items nearby. Take breaks and don’t feel you have to tackle everything in a day. You’ll get there!

3.) Wax on!

Now that the clutter is up, it’s time to clean. It’s time to make your home shine like your favorite movie star is coming to stay for the weekend! This is also a good time to see if there are any small repairs you can make (like repainting register vent covers or replacing light switch plates) that will improve the look of your home. Don’t forget the hard to reach nooks and crannies – look at ceiling fan blades, light fixture covers, baseboards and door jams.

One more spot to hit – don’t forget the appliances! Make sure to clean them thoroughly, especially the top of the stove.

4.) Don’t forget the exterior Continue reading

Easy Maintenance That Can Improve the Life of Your Manufactured Home

2 Homes EntryAll homes require routine maintenance. Whether you are a first time home buyer or long term resident, here’s a simple checklist of projects you can do that will extend the life of your manufactured home – and your appliances! These tasks will take just a few moments, but can save you a lot of work in the long run.


Furnace Filters – Every month inspect your furnace filters. Clean filters capture dust and particles out of the air, and make your furnace run more efficiently. If you use standard filters, the recommendation is to change them monthly, however, some high efficiency filters can now last up to 3 months. (Check the filter packaging for details.) Most experts say that you should look at it once a month, and if the filter is black and dirty – it is time for a change!

Tip: Need a quick refresher course in changing filters? Check out this YouTube video from the “For Dummies” folks:

Continue reading

A Maintenance Calendar for Your Factory Built Home

Toolbox,This fantastic yearly maintenance calendar comes to us from the folks over at Factory Built Owners of America. They are a member-driven nonprofit organization representing the common interests of owners and prospective owners of manufactured homes. You can learn more more on their website: www.factorybuiltowners.org

A Maintenance Calendar for Your Factory Built Home

Hello to all. I have really been enjoying this cooler Central Texas weather as a new season comes upon us. Back by popular demand are some monthly maintenance tips for keeping your factory built home in top condition. This is not a complete list but touches on some of the most important maintenance issues. Feel free to add your own ideas as well and if you find something that has been beneficial to you; share it with us so that we may share is with other members. Maintaining your factory built home is very important; and this guideline will help you enjoy many years of care free living in your factory built home.


• Change Air Conditioning (A/C)/furnace filter. Filters should be changed or cleaned at least every three months.


• Tighten toilet flange bolts. Toilets can become loose at the base and may leak past the wax ring causing extensive floor damage. Tighten the two bolts, usually covered by plastic dome caps at the base of the toilet, being careful not to tighten too tight or the toilet may crack.
• Tighten tank bolts. There are typically 2 or 3 bolts that secure the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. If you can rock the tank back and forth it needs to be tightened. Carefully tighten the nuts on the bolts that go from the tank bottom thru the holes in the base being careful not to over tighten or it may crack the bottom of the tank.
• Replace flapper valve. Many households use disinfect tablets to keep the toilet tank clean, but these tablets damage the rubber valve over time, making is necessary to replace it. These valves are cheap, and a bag of them can be bought from any of the big hardware stores for a few bucks. To replace the valve, pull the lid off the tank. Looking down you will see a black rubber valve with a little chain connected to it. Lift the valve out of the tank with the chain and replace the old valve with a new one.
• Tighten drain pipes and water connections under sinks. Reaching under the sink, follow the drain pipes from the base of the sink, and tighten each nut that connects the pipes and the traps together. Follow the hot and cold water lines up to the base of the faucets and tighten the nuts that secure the lines to the faucet with your hand. It’s so simple – no tools needed.
• Clean faucet aerators. These are the little screens that are on the end of each faucet. They simply unscrew. Pull them apart and soak in CLR, Lime Away or similar product to clear away lime deposits. Or buy a replacement at your local hardware store.


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Preparing Your Manufactured Home for Winter

As we are now deep into winter, it is time to think about preparing your manufactured home for the colder weather. Foremost Insurance has a great article on their website (www.mygreathome.com) all about preparing for the drop in temperatures. (In fact, their web site is full of tips on buying, selling and repairing mobile homes. Be sure and check it out!) Here’s what they have to say about making your manufactured or modular home more energy efficient before winter:

How To Winterize Your Manufactured Home

Is your manufactured home ready for the rigors of winter? The maintenance steps you take now can eliminate expensive repairs, and make your home safer and more energy efficient when cold weather sets in. With the right information, you can do the work yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. It takes a little planning and effort to winterize your manufactured home, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. Take action now to protect your manufactured home from leaks, heat loss, drafts and the danger of a winter fire.

Preparing Your Home for Cold Weather

A simple tube of silicone caulk may be your best investment this heating season. Polyurethane caulking is a good all-around choice for sealing your manufactured home from drafts and leaks. Places to be caulked outside the home include: gutter and downspout seams, plumbing and furnace vent pipes, around flashing seams between roof and siding, around door and window frames, along siding joints, around the dryer vent, at the TV antenna wire entrance and at pipe feed-throughs. Continue reading

7 Cost Saving Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

Is your mobile home for sale? We’ve compiled 7 easy tips for staging your home that will help you impress home shoppers and save you money. These are simple things you can do to help make your home more marketable.

1. Impress the Drive-By – If you have your manufactured home for sale, you may have seen these folks slowly driving by in their cars checking out your community. It’s a common weekend activity for those shopping for a new home. When your manufactured home is for sale, make sure you impress those drive-bys in the 30-45 seconds you have their undivided attention! Your lawn should be well maintained and landscaping tidy. In winter climates, keep the leaves raked up and last summer’s flowers pruned back. Move trash and recycle containers out of view, and make sure sidewalks and stairs are well swept. Stand in the road outside your home and try to look at it with a buyer’s eye, what can you do to make it appear more inviting?

Tip: Make sure people driving by have your phone number. A well placed, clearly written For Sale sign can really help. The MHVillage Seller’s Kit (Free with your listing) includes a big window sign for your home.

2. Clean Up Outdoor Structures – Don’t forget to shine up your outdoor areas. These areas can be easily forgotten, but when buyers come to your home they will be seeing them for the first time. Now is a great time to clean up the shed and make sure tools are neatly put away. Look at the carport, especially up near the roof. This is an area that attracts dirt – and bird’s nests. Have deck or patio? Make sure they are clean and look welcoming. In warmer climates, spruce them up with flower pots, in colder areas, make sure the walks and structures are free from snow and ice. Continue reading