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Planned Communities’ Designed

The second installment in a two-part contribution to MHVillage by Equity Lifestyle Properties.

Stumping the Professionals

With so many advanced mathematical formulas and neat patterns for manufactured home communities, you’d think professional planners in other housing sectors could easily replicate a neighborhood design and get the same results.

They get close, Allan D. Wallis writes in his book “Wheel Estate”, but haven’t figured out how to create the strong neighborhood bonds and sense of community of a well-managed and thriving manufactured home community.

Planner Robert Bair, Jr., one of the authors of “Mobile Home Parks and Comprehensive Community Planning” , stated that mobile home communities might be the last genuine communities in America.


Manufactured home communities develop a close-knit neighborliness and camaraderie that is rarely witnessed in gated housing communities and planned suburbs. Simply put, residents in gated communities rarely talk to their neighbors. A third of homeowners say they haven’t met their closest neighbor and 20 percent don’t know their neighbor’s name.

Planners of the modern gated communities, with 4,000 square foot site-built homes, have been trying for decades to get the same results witnessed in manufactured home communities. They have mimicked a manufactured home community’s layout, offered the same amenities, and even used similar lot designs, but still have yet to figure how to foster the social interaction seen in a manufactured home communities.

Hillcrest community Clearwater, Fla.

Of course, community planners can only do so much.

The friendliness and neighborhood cohesiveness that forms so naturally within manufactured home communities says a lot about the people living in factory-built housing.

Popular Manufactured Home Community Designs

Community planners use formulas and algorithms to determine the layout of a manufactured home community. Lot size and home placement is especially important to create a thriving community. Experts have found a few home layouts that work well for manufactured home communities and most of us will recognize them.


The Herringbone design at Island Vista Estates in Fort Myers, Fla.

A community laid out in a herringbone design uses diagonal lots to create a cohesive community that maximizes land use. The herringbone is one of the most popular manufactured home community layouts in the U.S. but it isn’t in the top slot.


The most common community design is the perpendicular layout. Homes are simply placed side by side. This allows for a front and back yard and allows one end of the home to face the road. The staggered perpendicular layout is similar but the homes are placed on opposite sides of the lots.

Zero-lot Line

The zero-lot line is used less often than herringbone or perpendicular layouts. This design places the home’s backdoor on the very edge of the lot to create a larger front yard, but only a walkway in the back. This design is great for communities that have awesome views such as a pond or beach.


A parallel layout places the home’s front facing the road. This placement allows for large lots but requires the most acreage.

The Muramota Cluster

Muramoto Cluster

The Muramoto cluster design is unique. George Muramoto was a popular architect and consultant for manufactured home communities in the 1950s. He created a park design that places four homes within a cluster that share a single driveway. To the unknowing, the community may look scattered and unplanned, but every home is placed with intention. The pattern only reveals itself from above.


ELS writer Crystal Adkins has authored more than 500 articles about manufactured housing and has been featured on BobVila.com and USA Today.

Planned Communities

Part I of a two-part contribution to MHVillage by myMHcommunity.com.

A Few Items About Manufactured Home Communities

Community planners analyze data and use a vast array of knowledge and experience to design every detail of a neighborhood. They use intentional design to encourage healthy neighbor interaction while still providing the residents privacy, security and safety.

Village Green in Vero Beach, Fla.

Everything is considered.

Even the curves in the roads are placed intentionally to slow auto traffic.

Planning communities is a centuries old concept. There is evidence of urban planning dating back to the third millennium B.C. Through the years, planners have established several community designs they feel work best. That’s why we see similar community layouts across the nation; designs proven to create a safe neighborhood with good sociability.

In most cases, planners get the same results when they design similar communities. But there’s one thing that has been stumping expert community planners for decades – How to get their gated site-built communities and suburbs to develop the camaraderie and sense of community that seem to occur so naturally within manufactured home communities.

The History of Manufactured Home Communities

While there are successful manufactured home communities that have thrived without the help of professional planning, the largest and most desirable communities are typically planned down to the smallest detail.

One of the first permanent manufactured home communities in the U.S., Trailer Estates, was designed with the help of a professional community planner. The community was developed in 1955 in Bradenton, Fla. and included 1,451 lots on 160 acres.

The owner of Trailer Estates, a lawyer turned land developer, understood that factory-built homes would become a popular permanent housing choice for millions of families nationwide. He wanted to create the ideal permanent neighborhood that worked well for a variety of families, so he reached out to a professional community planner.

The community they created had all the necessities you could want: a post office, commissary, recreational areas, laundry facilities and even its own marina and beach. They had square dancing on Tuesdays, crafts on Thursdays and ballroom dancing on Saturdays.

Many modern manufactured home communities still offer community activities and great amenities, though ballroom dancing probably isn’t one of them.

The community was so well-planned that it was recognized as a model community and the same design and amenities offered are replicated in several communities across the nation to this day.

ELS writer Crystal Adkins has authored more than 500 articles about manufactured housing and has been featured on BobVila.com and USA Today.

Featured Community: Equity Lifestyle Properties

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Coquina Crossing in Elkton, FL

Coquina Crossing in Elkton, FL

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Each community provides a welcoming environment, friendly staff, resort-style amenities and planned activities.  Amenities vary by location but include swimming pools, hot tubs, sport’s courts, billiard’s rooms, libraries, clubhouses, golf courses, restaurants, marinas and fitness centers.  Activities include potlucks, holiday parties, yard sales, bingo, and sport’s tournaments.

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Date Palm Country Club in Cathedral City, CA

Date Palm Country Club in Cathedral City, CA

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Thinking of Retiring? Great Options in Beautiful Locations

Florida has much to offer.

Florida offers a relaxed friendly lifestyle.

The United States Sunbelt continues to attract retired baby boomers year after year, and it’s no wonder as to why. The warmer weather is easier on the body, the cost of healthcare and living expenses are lower, and the relaxed, friendly lifestyle help make the most of valuable retirement funds and precious years. Many of these locations are already popular vacation destinations, and in an Equity Lifestyle community location, making your retirement dreams a reality can be more affordable than you think.

Florida is home to white sandy beaches, warm, beautiful year-round weather, fine dining, and world-class shopping. Residents of Florida enjoy the laid back lifestyle, and stress free atmosphere where the average year round temperature ranges from 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Florida has always been seen as one of the top destinations to retirees with over 90 communities Equity Lifestyle Properties has the perfect place for you!

Topping the list is Sarasota, Florida, a growing community with a huge cultural scene. Residents of this up and coming yet historical town enjoy the many theatrical shows and music festivals planned throughout the year. Sarasota has golf courses, grocery stores, medical services, and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico boasting fun and relaxation with a small town feel. If you’re looking to retire here, be sure to check out Colony Cove, a resort-style community designed around an active adult lifestyle. With friendly residents, a beautiful marina, waterfront views, this master planned community has something for everyone.

Bay IndesHead south of Sarasota, to sunny Venice, Florida, known as the “shark tooth capital of the world”. Venice is known for its spectacular shoreline and white sandy Gulf beaches. With a wonderful downtown complete with Mediterranean style shops and brightly colored buildings you’ll never run out of things to do in Venice. Check out Bay Indies, a friendly, tropical community with over 80 social clubs to join, and new two bedroom homes starting from just $49,900. Continue reading

Renting vs Buying

Manufactured Home Community Experts Equity LifeStyle Communities weighs in on the pros and cons of buying vs renting:

Upon retirement, many retirees choose to downsize their existing home and move to a warmer climate. The question then becomes, should you purchase a home or opt to rent instead? There are several factors to consider when making this decision. The choice to buy or rent for many retirees centers on financial concerns, but could involve other factors as well.

First, purchasing a home provides financial security. Monthly rents tend to increase and decrease with home values in the local area; however, your monthly payment with a fixed-rate mortgage will never change, regardless of your home value. In addition, there are potential tax advantages to owning your own home. Oftentimes, homeowners are able to deduct their mortgage interest payments, as well as any property tax payments on their annual taxes. Continue reading

Renting a Manufactured Home: The Affordable and Flexible Alternative

When searching for a new home, the most important factors often include price, convenience, and location. Whether the move is inspired by a job change, lifestyle change, or desire to move to a different area of town or of the county, renting a manufactured home provides a cost-effective and convenient option in today’s real estate world.

While presented with what may seem like unlimited options of homes for sale or rent, renting in an established manufactured home community can provide the attractive benefits of:

  • Affordable monthly cost
  • Living in a stand-alone house, often including dedicated parking
  • The flexibility of a yearly lease
  • No large down payment needed
  • Access to resort-style amenities such pools, recreation centers, and organized activities (each community provides different amenities to meet a variety of needs)
  • Being part of a community

Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. (ELS) provides renters with all of the above benefits and more, including locations near major metropolitan areas such as Detroit, Chicago, and Denver in vacation and retirement destinations including Florida, Arizona and California, as well as additional locations throughout the US. Not only does ELS pride itself on the lifestyle it affords its residents, ELS also offers new homes for rent across the country.

An ELS community offers endless benefits, providing its residents with affordable living, exceptional amenities, recreational opportunities, and a welcoming environment. ELS communities offer those in the market for a rental home the opportunity to live in locations that appeal to a variety of demographics and interests.

ELS residents experience a lifestyle that stretches beyond simply a place to live, with the conveniences of professional management, as well as the inclusion of resort-style amenities that may include a golf course, swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center, tennis court, boat docks/marina, and waterfront sites; and on-site activities that may include an on-site activity director, resident run activities, athletic leagues, educational/craft classes, on-site concerts, and community socials & gatherings.

Click the below links to learn more about rental opportunities in great communities today:

Casa del Sol Resort East – Glendale, AZ (14 miles from Phoenix)

Island Vista Estates – N. Fort Myers, FL (outside Ft. Myers)

Willow Lake Estates – Elgin, IL (45 miles from Chicago)

To learn more about ELS please visit www.mhvillage.com

Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. (NYSE: ELS) owns or has an interest in over 340 quality properties in 30 states and British Columbia consisting of over 123,000 sites.Equity LifeStyle Properties is a self-administered, self-managed, real estate investment trust (REIT) traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “ELS,” with headquarters in Chicago. The Company’s goal is to create value for residents and investors by providing consistently high levels of services and amenities in attractive surroundings.