Staging Your Mobile Home To Sell Quickly

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Thinking about selling your manufactured or mobile home? Here at MHVillage we frequently recommend that you work with a professional to help you through the sales process, but whether you are working with someone or doing it on your own, here are some simple tips for preparing your home to sell:

1.) Gather the Paperwork

It might not sound like an important staging tip, but this is probably one of the most important things you can do. Start with your own files and pull together the information you have on your home – title, insurance, etc. Then talk to your community manager. Some communities have specific rules about home sales, better to know them right at the start. (For example, can you or your agent post a sign that the home is for sale? Can it be a yard sign? Window only?) It’s also¬†a good idea to get a current copy of your community rules. Prospective buyers will need to know the qualifications and rules, right up front. If your community does not allow pets don’t make the mistake of selling it to someone who has three dogs, two cats and pet snake!

2.) Clean the Clutter

All of us have busy lives, and let’s face it, clutter seems to multiply every time we turn our backs. If you are thinking of selling your home though, this is the time to tackle it. I’m not talking about packing to move (although you may end up filling several boxes), I’m talking about walking into each room and looking for ways you can tidy and organize the space. Don’t wait on this! One of the first steps in selling your home online is to take photos, and you want your home looking as ready for the new owners as possible.

Here’s a tip: start small. A kitchen counter where the mail piles up or the off-season coat closet is a great place to begin. Have a trash bag and a box for donated items nearby. Take breaks and don’t feel you have to tackle everything in a day. You’ll get there!

3.) Wax on!

Now that the clutter is up, it’s time to clean. It’s time to make your home shine like your favorite movie star is coming to stay for the weekend! This is also a good time to see if there are any small repairs you can make (like repainting register vent covers or replacing light switch plates) that will improve the look of your home. Don’t forget the hard to reach nooks and crannies – look at ceiling fan blades, light fixture covers, baseboards and door jams.

One more spot to hit – don’t forget the appliances! Make sure to clean them thoroughly, especially the top of the stove.

4.) Don’t forget the exterior

Some mobile homes, especially those under mature trees, can get moss or mildew on the siding. If yours has this problem, make sure to remove it. Small areas can be cleaned with a mix of bleach and water, a larger area might require a power washer. Shine up exterior light fixtures, and clean decks, sheds, carports and other outdoors structures.

5.) First impressions count

Different manufactured home communities have different rules and regulations about yard maintenance. Whether you mow your own lawn, or the community takes care of it, it’s still a good idea to take a walk around the outside of your home. What impression will your home make? In cold weather seasons make sure walkways are cleared of snow and are safe to walk on. In warmer seasons, a planter of flowers and a welcome mat can add a lot of appeal to an entryway.Pinterest board

Want more tips?

We’ve created a Pinterest Board of great articles from around the web about how to stage your home to sell. Be sure and click over, take a look and follow our Board. Also, if you are thinking about selling your home, be sure and order our free Seller’s Kit – it’s full of excellent¬†tips and helpful information!

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