Print Listings: A Handy Tool for Buyers and Sellers

Did you know you can easily print information about mobile homes from MHVillage? On every listing on our website there is an Actions Toolbox. (It is located on the bottom of every listing, usually right under the contact information.) In that box is a Print Listing tool. Why is this important? Here are just some of the things you can do with this feature:

Handy Reference Tool For Buyers:

Nothing like driving around on a beautiful Saturday afternoon looking at homes for sale… but there’s nothing worse than heading out to see a particular home and not having the right address! Use the Print Listing tool as a handy Drive-By reference. Print off the information on each home you like and on every sheet will be the contact information of the seller, the address, a map and (if included on the listing) a photo of the home. This will make it much easier! Here’s a hint: use the back side of the printed listing to jot notes about the home once you’ve seen it. Write down everything you liked and what you didn’t – this will help you remember all the details about each home at the end of the day.

Show a Friend

Know someone who is looking for home? If you spot the picture perfect property on MHVillage, you can print it off and give it to them. The printed copy has the MHVillage listing number on it so they can look it up on the site. Looking to be a little more green? You can also email listings to friends or paste it on their Facebook wall – we’ve got a link to make it easy right in the Actions toolbox.

Printed Listings Make Great Fliers

If you are selling your home, these printed listings make great fliers to hand out and post. If you are having an open house, be sure to have a stack on hand to give to potential buyers. Statistics show that buyers are more likely to call back after an open house if they leave with something about the home in hand!

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