Finding Pet Friendly Mobile Home Communities


Recently a home buyer shared the following on our Facebook page:

Thank you all who gave me such wonderful information regarding your communities and homes for sale. We are reading and looking at all info seriously. We are retiring after the first of the year and southern Arizona is our desired area to live the rest of our lives. So thank y’all so much for sharing. So far, ALL of the communities seem great, but not one that shared will take our beloved old dog, Petey. He’s a 10 year old mix mutt who adopted us when he was a 6 month old puppy thrown out a car window on our front yard. He’s in good health and his weight for past three years has a low of 22 pounds and a high of 25.5 pounds. Currently, Petey weighs 24 pounds (he is neutered). He is friendly and lazy.

Most communities have some restrictions on pets, however, if one of your family members has four paws, there is a way to make it easier to find a place that will welcome them. MHVillage has Advanced Search tools that let you look specifically for Pet Friendly communities.

There are two easy ways to use these tools:

1) Go to the Advanced Search page and use the check boxes to narrow down the search for exactly what you looking for. Want a family friendly community that allows pets and has a pool? You can search for that!

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search allows you specify what kind of community you are looking for.

2) You can also narrow down your search after you have seen what is available. For example, there are 99 manufactured home communities in Mesa, AZ. At the top of that list is a Narrow Your Search tool that will let you select only those that allow pets. That brings the count of communities down to 64.

Narrow Your Search

This is a great way to narrow your results down to exactly what you are looking for.

Now, there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind: occasionally policies and information change. In addition, just because a community accepts some pets, doesn’t mean they accept all pets. So, be sure and verify all information by calling the communities directly.

6 thoughts on “Finding Pet Friendly Mobile Home Communities

  1. Dan Wooten

    Yup, that’s a great tool if each community keeps their info updated. The rules and regs tend to change over time and I’ve found that the whomever is in charge of updating the info on the web seems to be very slow to act in making the new changes. I wouldn’t have mentioned this if it had been the exception, but lately I’ve found that’s been the rule.
    Also, when requesting information I get an immediate email letting me know someone will contact me within 48 hrs. Two consistent problems here folks, I never get contacted within 48 hrs and sometimes not at all, and when I do get contacted, they act like they don’t have a clue as to what me questions were. All of my above comments are directed at the communities in Florida, which is the only state I have made inquiries.

    1. MHVillage

      Hi Dan –

      Thanks for your comments! You are correct – we try to keep the information on MHVillage up-to-date and encourage community owners and managers to make updates when changes occur, but sometimes things get missed. We do regularly ask for updates for information on our site and we’ll keep striving to make it as current as we can.

      I also appreciate you bringing up the “48 hours” language on our email receipts. I did some looking into that. We do have one customer that had specifically requested we say that. However, somehow that language slipped into other email receipts as well. I apologize for the confusion and I have removed it. The email receipts do include the seller’s contact information, so if you don’t hear from them, you have a way to contact them directly. Thanks again for your input! We appreciate it.

    1. MHVillage

      Having two dogs makes it a little harder, many communities will only accept one. I’m wishing you well on your search, I hope you find the perfect place.

  2. Philip Homans

    why is it that some mobile home parks we visit want to sell us a mobile home like we are buying a house with closing cost and points, ect and others tell us it’s just a title transfer like buying a car or a motor vehicle? Is this a scam or people just trying to make extra money at our expense.

    1. MHVillage

      Hi Philip,

      No, it isn’t a scam – it’s that there have been a lot of changes lately in the way that manufactured homes are financed and sold. New regulations and rules are being added all the time. Your best bet might be to contact your State Manufactured Housing Association and ask them about the specifics for your region. We have a list of all the associations nationwide here:


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