Easy Maintenance That Can Improve the Life of Your Manufactured Home

2 Homes EntryAll homes require routine maintenance. Whether you are a first time home buyer or long term resident, here’s a simple checklist of projects you can do that will extend the life of your manufactured home – and your appliances! These tasks will take just a few moments, but can save you a lot of work in the long run.


Furnace Filters – Every month inspect your furnace filters. Clean filters capture dust and particles out of the air, and make your furnace run more efficiently. If you use standard filters, the recommendation is to change them monthly, however, some high efficiency filters can now last up to 3 months. (Check the filter packaging for details.) Most experts say that you should look at it once a month, and if the filter is black and dirty – it is time for a change!

Tip: Need a quick refresher course in changing filters? Check out this YouTube video from the “For Dummies” folks:

Fire Extinguishers – One simple tool that is essential for keeping your home safe is a fire extinguisher. Each month make sure yours is fully charged.

Tip: Need more information? eHow has a guide to checking your fire extinguisher.

Smoke Detectors – Test batteries on all your smoke detectors once a month. Make sure to replace batteries or units as necessary. You should also check carbon monoxide detectors at the same time.


Water Heater – The water heater is one of those appliances we rarely think about – until it doesn’t work! Experts suggest you drain your water heater at least once a year. At the bottom of your heater sediment may be accumulating. When you drain it, sediment will drain out along with the water from the water tank. Removing this harmful sediment can prolong the heater’s useful life.

Tip: The DIY Network has a simple tutorial for taking care of this yearly task.

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Septic Tank – If you have a septic system, keep an eye on it throughout the year. Annually have a professional check it to see if it needs to be pumped. (Some areas recommend doing this every two years. Check your local requirements.)

The Roof and Gutters – Once a year clean out and inspect your gutters. You can do this in the spring or fall, depending on your area. Also look for missing or damaged shingles and be sure to replace them before bad weather hits.

Plumbing – You always want to keep an eye out for drips and water problems. Not only can these effect your water bill, they can also cause damage to the surrounding areas. Periodically check under sinks for drips and keep an eye out for water stains that might indicate a problem.

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