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About MHVillage.com and Our Newsletter

MHVillage.com is the nation’s largest and most active website for buying & selling manufactured homes. Our site features thousands of homes for sale or rent, and we see over 55,000 unique visitors each and every day. This unparalleled traffic ensures quick and easy transactions for all parties involved!

Additionally, we are the only listing website recognized and endorsed by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). The Manufactured Housing Institute is the only national trade organization representing the factory-built housing industry.

The Mobile Home Advisor is custom-tailored for manufactured home residents. Our goal is to help citizens from every corner of the USA buy and rent mobile homes with confidence.

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MHVillage.com recognizes that staying responsive to customers, whether they are listing or searching for homes, is essential to remain on top. Your comments and suggestions play a vital role in our continual development of tools that are not simply useful, but effective and efficient as well.

About the Author

Dawn Highhouse Dawn Highhouse –
Vice President, MHVillage

Dawn Highhouse joined Datacomp Appraisal Services in 1999. Datacomp Apprasial is a national provider of inspections and appraisals on manufactured homes. In 2004, Datacomp leveraged their market expertise to develop MHVillage.com. As of March 2014 MHVillage has grown to over 1 million unique users per month. It is now the largest website in its industry.

Dawn is the Editor and chief web content provider for our WordPress hosted newsletters. She also travels the country speaking with manufactured housing professionals on social media and digital marketing strategies.


4 thoughts on “About MHVillage.com

  1. william doersam

    myself and my wife would like to come visit mh village in the next month, how long a notice do you need. We have been in touch before abuut buying and living there?

    1. MHVillage

      Hello William – MHVillage is not a community. We are simply a website where people list their manufactured and mobile homes for sale. Think of us as a giant online Classified Ads for manufactured and mobile homes all across the United States. Because most of the homes on our site are located in communities, there is also a lot of community information on the site. If you are looking to find a home to purchase or contact a community, go to http://www.mhvillage.com and you can use the Search tool on the home page to find places you may be interested in. Thanks!

  2. Lorena Lainez

    I am looking for a mobile home that should be already in a park, preferred in the south Houston area. I saw this one in Anderson for around 25000. And I would like to receive more information about it and wen can I see it. I need information like if you do help with financial, etc.. Thank you.

    1. dawn Post author

      Hello. MHVillage is just a website where people list their manufactured homes for sale (or rent.) We’re like a giant online classified ads for mobile and manufactured homes! So, to look for homes, we have a great search tool here: http://www.mhvillage.com/Mobile-Homes/Search.php

      Here’s a quick search I did on our site for homes in Houston: https://www.mhvillage.com/Mobile-Homes/Mobile-Homes-For-Sale.php?City=Houston&Radius=-1&State=TX&s=Default&lp=10

      Just click on View Details to see more about the homes and contact the home seller about viewing the home.

      Notice that you can also set up a Home Alert, so if a new home listing is added to the site in the future that matches what you are looking for, we will email you and let you know. Happy house hunting!


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