Looking to Buy a Manufactured Home? 5 Things You Should Know

Note from the Editor: It is summer and a great time to shop for homes! We bring you this great article from the archives full of tips for finding the perfect home for you and your family.

If you are looking to purchase your first manufactured home, or even if you have owned one for awhile and are looking to buy another, there are certain facts you should know. There are a number of great online resources for information on mobile homes, including your state manufactured housing association. In this article we will look at 5 important facts about manufactured housing that may help you decide on your next home.

What is a state manufactured housing association?

All across the country there are state specific, independent, non-profit organizations that are fantastic resources for information on manufactured housing. At MHVillage we have a complete list of State Associations for Mobile and Manufactured Homes on our site. Go here to get more information about the association in your state.

Here’s a great sample of what the associations have to offer: The Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association has the following Questions and Answers About Manufactured Housing article on their site:

Questions About Manufactured Housing

QUESTION: Are manufactured homes built to a quality standard?

ANSWER: The construction of all manufactured homes marketed in this country is strictly regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (or the HUD Code). In many cases, manufacturers view the HUD Code as minimum performance standards – and exceed mandated standards in their basic designs and offer buyers option packages with upgrades for increased energy efficiency and overall performance.

The HUD Code encompasses not only the construction of the home, but also the performance of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, thermal and electrical systems.

MHVillage Tip: Looking for detailed information on manufactured housing? Check out last month’s newsletter article , “Looking to Buy a New Manufactured Home?” It has a free eBook you can download all about today’s manufactured homes.

QUESTION: Are manufactured homes a good investment and where do I get financing?

ANSWER: Many types of financial institutions and service companies – including banks, savings banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and consumer finance companies – offer loan programs for manufactured home buyers. These companies can offer a number of types of consumer, conventional and government-insured financing, such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Administration (VA), Farm Home Loan Administration (FmHA), the Government and the Federal National Mortgage Associations (Ginne Mae and Fannie Mae, respectively) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation loan programs.

As for their investment possibilities, manufactured homes can retain – and gain – value when placed in the proper environment, installed and maintained properly, and treated as a long-term housing investment.

MHVillage tip: There are a number of tools on the MHVillage website for determining a mobile homes’ true market value. To see a complete list (including the MHVillage.com Price Ranger which is a free service) go to the Manufactured and Mobile Home Value and Price Center.

QUESTION: Why are manufactured homes so affordable?

ANSWER: While manufactured homes are more affordable than most other types of housing, the reasons lie in the inherent advantages of any on-going production process.

Manufacturers purchase their building materials in volume – allowing the homes to be built with the highest quality materials and components. Because they are built in a controlled environment utilizing a systems-engineered production method, there are no costly weather delays in the construction process. Manufactured homes are less labor-intensive and require a shorter production time than site-built alternatives.

QUESTION: How safe are manufactured homes?

ANSWER: Independent studies and research by the National Fire Protection Association confirm that the incidence of fire is actually lower in a HUD Code manufactured home than a site-built home.

And construction requirements for wind resistance for manufactured homes are equal to, or in certain areas of the country – even more stringent than the requirements for site-built housing. And, recent revisions to the HUD Code called for enhanced structural features and anchoring requirements for manufactured homes sold and placed in high wind areas – like the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal regions.

MHVillage Tip: Homes in certain areas require particular insurance. For more information read our article, “Protect Yourself with the Best Insurance for Less.

QUESTION: Do manufactured homes offer different styles and options?

ANSWER: While most manufacturers adhere to common sizes for both single and multi-section units, today’s manufactured homes come in a variety of floor plan designs to meet almost anyone’s housing needs. Available options in exterior materials, colors and interior amenities – like fireplaces, whirlpool baths, walk-in closets and quality built-in appliances – give home buyers an array of choices in their selection of a new home.

MHVillage Tip: Looking for information on manufactured floor plans? Check out www.mhquote.com. MHQuote has a large catalog of floor plans you can search right online.

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